Travel Authentic Philippines is all about meaningful encounters and cultural immersion. There is no better way to do this than to stay in the house of local people, share meals with them and exchange life stories.

We have been involved in the past two year in developing two home stays on Siquijor Island and at Valencia, Negros Oriental. We also support the home stay project in Kiangan, Ifugao. Enjoy genuine Filipino hospitality. Siquijor is one of the lesser visited islands of the Visayas. It is known of the island of sorcery and traditional hearing. You will find out all about this when you join our tour. It is an active tour that involves some hiking and easy cycling. Valencia is an entirely different experience. The village is located on the slopes of Mount Talinis. This trip is all about hiking, waterfalls and fresh vegetables. Kiangan is not the first destination that comes to mind when people think of the UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces in North Luzon. The terraces are less spectacular than those of Banaue but the Ifugao hospitality compensates for that. Just view Kiangan as the introduction to the world famous terraces. We advise you to travel onwards to Banaue.

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