One of the four chosen beneficiaries of the the project entitled “Sustainable Tourism in the Context of the Ethnic Groups in the Philippines” are the traditional healers of Siquijor: Juanita T. Torremocha, a fumigation and massage healer; and Rogelio P. Lugatiman, a bolo-bolo healer. Siquijor traditional healing has been inherited from generation to generation which needs to be preserved. Traditional healing in Siquijor has been promoted as one of the tourism activities but the traditional healers were not given assistance, especially on their healing accommodation. Participatory workshop was conducted to identify and assess the needs of the traditional healers. To provide convenience and to obtain the hygienic standards of the healing practices, it was proposed and agreed the construction of two healing huts for the chosen traditional healers.

Siquijor Healing Huts in the jungle

Balay Pahauli Healing Hut in Siquijor

Construction of Siquijor Healing Huts

The construction of the Siquijor healing huts started on June 2018 and it was completed on October 2018. Juanita T. Torremocha’s healing hut was given the name Balay Pahauli. Balay is the Visayan term for house and pahauli is to recover. Pahauli also derived from the native medicinal plant with different varieties that is commonly used by local to treat different ailments. Rogelio P. Lugatiman’s healing hut is called Batong Hakut. Bato is the Visayan term for stone and hakut means to gather.

Man blowing in a glass

Bulo bulo healing on Siquijor

Inauguration of the Healing Huts

On June 10, 2019, the Balay Pahauli and Batong Hakut healing huts were officially inaugurated in the presence of staff of Travel Authentic Philippines and Reisen mit Sinnen. Local authorities were also present. The inauguration was indeed a successful momentous event which officially turned over the two healings huts to its recipients. The DOT – Central Visayas recognized and promoted the Siquijor traditional healing by posting photos of the inauguration event on their Facebook page. We will include the traditional healing in our tours on Siquijor.

Female traditional healer in action

Traditional Healing in one of the huts on Siquijor