Travel Authentic Philippines projects

Travel Authentic Philippines initiated a number of projects over the past couple of years in cooperation with touroperators from Germany. The German government supported these projects. We are very grateful to have been able to count on the generous support of the German people to work on these projects that directly benefit local people.

Project with Erlebe Fernreisen

In 2015 we started a public-private partnership with the German tour operator Erlebe Fernreisen and the German government. This resulted in the creation of an excellent tourism product and the establishment of two homestays. The project ended in late 2017. Unfortunately Erlebe Fernreisen decided to stop offering the Philippines as a tourist destination in early 2018, less than six months after the project ended. Travel Authentic Philippines will offer this tourism product on its own and will keep supporting the two homestays.

Tourist and guide in a local boat

boat trip to Lamanok Island

Project with Reisen mit Sinnen

Travel Authentic Philippines (TAP) through the public private partnership (PPP) of Reisen Mit Sinnen (RMS), a German tour operator and the German Ministry on Entrepreneurial Development (KFW DEG) has established the project entitled “Sustainable Tourism in the Context of the Ethnic Groups in the Philippines”.

In early 2018 Travel Authentic Philippines started working with another German tour operator, Reisen mit Sinnen, on another public private partnership (PPP) project entitled “Sustainable Tourism in the Context of the Ethnic Groups in the Philippines”. The project’s objective is to provide economic, social, psychological and political empowerment to rural communities, particularly to marginalized communities that inherit special cultural habits and environmental roots. The project aims to qualify four ethnic and marginalized communities to integrate them to community-based tourism, to provide livelihood assistance and to preserve its culture and tradition by means of promotion and integration in the tourism programs.

The beneficiary communities are located in the provinces Siquijor, Bohol, Palawan and Ifugao.  On Siquijor we constructed two huts where local healers can practise their traditional healing methods. On Bohol we have trained local guides and the local community to organise tours to the unique mangrove forests of Anda. In Kiangan, Ifugao province, and on Black Island, Palawan province, we constructed small accommodations and conducted training for the local community.

Tribal people dancing on the beach

Tagbanwa people dancing on the beach, Black Island, Coron