Travel Authentic Philippines understands our key role and influence in the sustainability development of tourism as a travel company who engage with various stakeholders in tourism, namely:  consumers, tour guides, travel agencies, hotels, transport companies, restaurants, and attractions,  Therefore, we are committed to promoting sustainability.

We aim to follow, implement and promote good sustainability practices to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on tourism of our operations and to influence our clients and partners to do the same.

Travel Authentic Philippines has made a firm commitment toward social and environmental sustainability of our business.

  • We commit to sustainability management
  • We commit to complying with all the national legislation, regulations and codes of practice
  • We commit to sustainable internal management by having clear written and well-communicated social policy
  • We commit to practice human rights
  • We commit to practice environmental protection and enhance community relations
  • We commit to improve sustainability of our partner agencies
  • We commit to ensure that vehicles used on tours do not cause more than average pollution
  • We commit to achieve a tourism supply chain that is fully sustainable
  • We commit to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts at destination to ensure the sustainable development of the places that we operate in
  • We commit to ensure clear and constant communication and high protection to our clients

These policies are in accordance to the Travelife certification standards for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in which Travel Authentic Philippines is committed to fulfill.

To further check the details of our policy, check the link here.


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