Our Tagbanwa community hut is located on Malajon Island aka Black Island, Coron, Calamianes Island group on Palawan. We have developed this accommodation in cooperation with the local community and the German tour operator Reisen mit Sinnen. The German government supported the project. Black Island is part of the ancestral domain of the Tagbanwa people. This ethnic group are the indigenous inhabitants Their ancestral domain has been recognised by the government of the Philippines. They have full ownership and control of 19 islands. Black Island is the most beautiful of them. Go and have a look for yourself.

Black Island Beach Coron with boats and people

Black Island Beach Coron

Support the community

Up to now, the island has been open only for day-trippers. Travel Authentic Philippines developed a hut, constructed with natural materials, for the Tagbanwa community. All the benefits will go to the community. The Tagbanwa people are one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines and can be mainly found in the central and northern Palawan. Research has shown that the Tagbanwa are possible descendants of the Tabon Man, thus making them one of the original inhabitants of the Philippines.

Unspoilt islands and beaches

The ancestral domain of the Tagbanwa people offers unspoilt beaches, half-deserted islands, very traditional fishing communities and rich fishing grounds. Travel Authentic Philippines now offers one day, two day and three-day tours with overnight in homestay and the community hut on magnificent Black Island. You are the guest of the Tagbanwa people, an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience. Learn about local life, go snorkelling, join a local fisherman to catch fish and enjoy the stunning beaches. This is really an in-depth cultural experience.

We offer a day tour but we recommend to spend at least one night on Black Island. Join the Tagbanwa Explorer or the Tagbanwa Experience. All these trips are private and can be customised according to your wishes. Join us and meet and support the Tagbanwa people of Coron!

Tribal people in front of a hut

Tagbanwa Community Hut